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Бутики :
Понедельник - суббота: 10:00-19:00
Воскресенье: 11:00-19:00

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Понедельник - суббота: 09:00-19:30
Bоскресенье: 09:00-19:00

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Понедельник - суббота: 09:00-19:0

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  • Адрес
  • Avenue Eugène Donadeï
  • 06700, Saint-Laurent-Du-Var
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Телефон+33 4 93 31 10 35

Vins et Saveurs

Vins et Saveurs

Vins et Saveurs du Cap: upmarket grocery store at Saint-Laurent-du-Var, near Nice

Allow yourself delicious moments with succulent foie gras, terrines and cooked dishes at our gourmet store: Vins et Saveurs du Cap.
And give into the temptation of our selected gift hampers, personally made in our store to include whatever you like best.

Our advisers at Vins et Saveurs du Cap will welcome you at the CAP3000 shopping centre near Nice (06) in a convivial gourmet area and will help you to choose from all the delicious recipes on offer.

In our bountiful land, where gastronomy forms part of our cultural heritage, our chefs find countless sources of inspiration for a cuisine full of freshness and flavour. They find exceptional producers of the finest wine, salmon, caviar, truffles and chocolate. Artisans who share the same concern for quality, the same passion for offering true tastes, and, ultimately, a single dream: allowing you to savour great moments of happiness.