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  • Avenue Eugène Donadeï
  • 06700, Saint-Laurent-Du-Var
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Jeff de Bruges

Jeff de Bruges

Jeff de Bruges: chocolate shop at Saint-Laurent-du-Var, near Nice

Come into the gourmet world of the Jeff de Bruges chocolate shop!

Need an original gift idea? Fancy a chocolatey break? The Jeff de Bruges team will be happy for you to give in to gourmet temptations in their store in the CAP3000 shopping centre!

Intense ganache, melt-in-the-mouth praline, fine gianduja, delicate mousse – Jeff de Bruges has imagined many chocolate recipes for you as well as thousands of ways of giving them.

Nor does Jeff de Bruges forget about ice-cream-lovers, for whom it has created tasty Italian-style ice-creams: vanilla, strawberry, pistachio and, of course, chocolate.

Jeff de Bruges also means Martial sugared almonds. For the great occasions in life – weddings, christenings, first communions – Martial invites you to discover boxes and compositions of chocolates that will enhance your events, together with our original, exclusive, personalisation service. Make your party an unforgettable moment!

From chocolate to sugared almonds – not forgetting ice creams – Jeff de Bruges invites you to discover a refined world where pleasure and gifts combine with a gourmet experience.