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  • Avenue Eugène Donadeï
  • 06700, Saint-Laurent-Du-Var
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Guérin Joaillerie

Guérin Joaillerie

Guérin: jewellery at Saint-Laurent-du-Var, near Nice


Guérin is a premium jewellery brand and a subsidiary of the Galeries Lafayette group.

Since 1969, the brand has made the privileged, confidential world of jewellery accessible to the largest possible number of people. To achieve that, its collections seek the right balance between fashion and timelessness, beauty and affordability, in the image of its iconic lines Diamants de Rosée and Alisma.

Guérin believes in offering vibrant, chic jewellery in the spirit of the times by renewing its collections, by working with creators from the world of fashion, and by maintaining a spontaneous, joyful tone.