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L'atelier 23 11

L'atelier 23 11

Repair :

Whatever the brand, size or condition, push the door of our workshop, our leatherworker Virginie will restore your bags and more commonly all your leather goods to their original luster. You will have the opportunity to exchange and find a real listening with our leather craftsmen in Paris. They will intervene in the repair of handles, linings, zippers, clasps, jewelry, cuffs, damaged corners, seams, in the reduction of chain, in the refaction of missing or too damaged parts...

Renovation :

Leather is a living material, you know it only too well. If you have accidentally stained this fragile skin with a line of coffee or scratched the patina that was so pleasant to the touch... All is not lost. Your most beautiful piece of leather goods or the bag of all your moments, in the delicate and attentive hands of Virginie, will have the chance to find a second youth. You will also have the opportunity to get all our maintenance advices and to find in the boutique the products that will protect it from the assaults of time.